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It's 2014, but for the most part American comics are still drawn with a straight, male reader in mind. So it's surprising to find how many male heroes & villains just can't keep their clothes on. There's hope for the comics industry yet!

ROBIN - He may kick ass, but Robin gets a lot of flak for being Batman's "pantless boy whore." It always struck me as odd that 80% of the time Robin wore the version of his outfit that didn't include leggings. I read once that Batman wore a yellow version of the, I guess "bat logo" on his chest as a taunt to criminals. Maybe that's what Robin had in mind...

I can almost kinda get around the whole amber alert thing of dressing a preteen boy in naught but his underpants & a cape, but he wore that well into adulthood. One could argue this outfit is why he violently split from Batman to become Night Wing.

DARKSEID - Evil, would-be universe erasing tyrant, who inexplicably is rarely seen with pants on. In fact, what he does wear consists of a belted dress and knee high boots.

I guess he was hoping to rewrite the the universe into one where no one would laugh at him.

AMAZO - You might recognize that name from the Justice League/Unlimited cartoon. In said cartoon he was a lot more android looking and silver plated. The comic book version of him however, is a lot more humanoid. Engineered by Prof. Ivo and endowed with Mega Man's ability to copy/steal the powers of others. He made him all powerful but dressed him in what amounts to nothing more than a tube dress pulled down too far and socks.

I can't imagine a scenario in which one would ever need that kind of outfit. Well? maybe one...

HULK / BRUCE BANNER - Ok he has the excuse of becoming very angry and very huge at the drop of a hat. But at the same time, he's a scientist. You'd think he would have found or invented a fabric that can stretch with him a bit. Even Reed (Mr. Fantastic) from Fantastic 4 could have helped him out with that. His ripped, purple pants budget must be through the roof.

SWIMSUIT ISSUE (multiple) - These characters are not usually underdressed, but they need to be here. Back in the day when no one batted an eyelash at absurd, cringeworthy plots in comics (I used all the sarcasm in the world to type that), Marvel decides to bestow upon us random swimsuit issues where for whatever bullshit reason, many characters who don't often hang out together, suddenly need to throw a beach party. For the sake of fairness, the comic always features both male and female characters donning skimpy swim wear. Some characters totally owned their thongs.

THIS HAPPENED. And it was all I dreamed it could be.

While some were embarrassed to the point of rage...

For more pics from this issue, click here

PRINCE NAMOR / SUBMARINER - For the uninitiated, you can think of him as Marvel's acerbic and snooty version of Aquaman. An Aquaman who on a regular basis doesn't leave himself enough time in the morning to get fully dressed before rushing off to work.

Dressed for success.

If anything, we should admire his bravery for pulling off gold bangles and a scaly g-string after labor day. What's really surprising is that Namor was also featured in that swimsuit issue. Naturally one would think "how much less can this fool wear?!" Apparently this got green lit as appropriate.

Ariel, eat your heart out

He looks like he belongs in the "I just want to experiment" wing of some king's harem. But according to this comic, he gets all da bitches.

SILVER SURFER - Take the hottest guy on the beach and dip him in mercury and you'd have a pretty good take on the Silver Surfer. But for modesty's sake, he's a Ken doll down there. He may have the power cosmic, but he's still pretty conservative. Even when (SPOILER ALERT) he loses his "job" ringing the dinner bell as Galactus' herald and stripped of his board, silver and powers, he's completely used to just being nude ALL the damn time.

Laundry day is every day in Asguard

DR. MANHATTAN - Streaking Silver Surfer aside, NO ONE give's less of a fuck about clothing than Dr. Manhattan. This melancholy anti-hero went through gradual states of undress and then just full blown public nudity throughout the WATCHMEN comic and movie. Here's a timeline of pantless-ness for your amusement:

In fact, when the movie came out in 2009, of all the changes and omissions from the original comic, Dr. Manhattans blue pipe was the one thing that they just couldn't part with.


And because I love you, I'm going to end with this WATCHMEN inspired gag gift.

I'm going to be making a lot of Yaoi and fanservice related lists, video and just pics. Have an idea of something funny or weird about yaoi that can be listed please Let me know!

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