Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Top 10's - Over the Top Utena Fanservice

Shojou Kakumei Utena is a pretty eclectic and unconventional show that often uses an abundance of partial nudity and naughty guyxguy hints as symbolism and plot device. For those who ignore symbolism, it's fanservice to punch up even the most mundane of activities. So here's a lovingly compiled list of the bizarre and wonderfully over-the-top fanservice Utena has to offer!

1. Touga & Saiyonji have the most dramatic verbal battle EVAR!

2. Akio & Touga discuss what is to be done with this Utena amongst some phallic imagery. While losing clothing of course.

3. Miki remembers a conversation he had with Touga in a very interesting but completely inaccurate way

4. The car & road = temptation & sex theme really hits home in this scene where Akio enjoys the throbbing engine and offers Touga the wheel, and Touga thinks he's "too young." Ever notice how sated and relieved everyone who takes that car ride looks afterwards?

5. Touga and Akio, having *cough* "driven" this "road" many times before takes Saiyonji for a spin down the long, dark road of sexual discovery.

6. Akio, Saiyonji and Touga realize they have to dabble in photography to keep our interests during plot heavy conversation. Brilliant really.

7. Akio and Touga tend to watch the dules together from the sidelines in a bed oddly placed outside on the roof of a building.

8. Akio just can't help oozing sex when splayed across the top of a car feeling himself up. Unfortunately he has no nipples to play with. Still awesome though.

I'm going to be making a lot of Yaoi and fanservice related lists, video and just pics. Have an idea of something funny or weird about yaoi that can be listed please Let me know!