Inspired by a number of websites, I decided to find the weirdest, funniest or newest clips and yaoi & bits of a hilarious nature scattered around the net then make a link list here. It's similar to my moment of zen, but more of them and updated more frequently. Enjoy! If you see something around or want to donate please send away.

March 19, 2011

  • "Present" . That ain't right
  • "The price of friendship" . Can be pretty steep
  • "how could you!?" . So I'm not the only one... *cries*

    July 11, 2010

  • "balcony scene" . NSFW! . Roxanne with a raunchy twist!

    February 23rd 2010

  • "MIlk" . Drink up!

    January 19th 2010

  • NSFW . Pinecone . This guy just can never seem to catch a break (2 pages)

    December 3rd

  • Fold-in Fun Time . I think the movie would have been just as good without her too.
  • NSFW . Hilting . If he weren't so bossy during sex he'd still have a hand ><

    November 30

  • NSFW . Simon the Wanderer . He should have asked for a 3rd option ><
  • NSFW. Honor . Vikings are weird.
  • NSFW. Tribute His job sucks more than he does (3 pages long)

    November 29

  • Muderfacial Murderface really enjoys visits to the doctor ><

    November 4

  • Baffling Commercial Man committs washing machine related homicide in an effort to get a hot black woman to pop out of it, he isntead gets something much more hilarious.

    October 15

  • Shake It! Probably the most perverted looking way to get in shape since... 1:19 into this video ><

    October 7

  • Stake Out Bats & Sups find a beter way to pass the time!
  • BrokeBack Bunnies The movie told in 30 seconds with hilarious animated rabbits. The only way to make this movie funny.

    August 13

  • Elf Eyes Legolas sees all... unfortunately
  • No umbrella When it rains, it pours.
  • Gyllenhal Sisters? Batman doesn't keep up with the times...

    June 17

  • Squeeze Toy Hilarious Boku No Sekuhara AMV.
  • 10 of the weirdest statues of naked dudes.

    June 5

  • In the beginning.. . What is this YAOI you speak of.

    June 1

  • I wanna kiss a man . You can learn a lot about someone from their bucket list.
  • Blue Pipe . No one wants to fight Dr. Manhattan.
  • No Homo . Get out of gay free card.

    May 21

  • An incredibly strangevideo game. Notice the excessive amount of rainbows?

    May 18

  • Feel so right When fighting becomes something more...(link fixed)

    Mar. 24

  • A Yaoi Public Service AnnouncementCute vid about things everyone should know that yaoi can teach us.

    Mar. 22

  • The Ultimate OrgyNOT WORK SAFE. Like not AT ALL.
    This is disgusting and hilarious. Can you spot Sasuke and Naruto kissing in the background?

  • Ass HunterNOT WORK SAFE.
    Ridiculous flash game where you travel through a forest "trying to avoid" being pwned by horny men.

    Mar. 17

  • Indiana Bone The precious artifact that got away.

    Mar. 6 : No I haven't fallen off the face of the earth. That being said...

  • Big & Meaty When street fighter goes terribly right.
  • Star Trek TNG's Picard & Riker have some fun on the holodeck.

    Feb. 7:

  • Scientific Breakthrough What would you do for a flying car?

    Feb. 5:

  • Moar Co-op Some games really don't need a co-op mode.

    Feb. 4:

  • Boys Night Out A little chat that says more than was intended.
  • *Squee 2*SO ADORABLE. Yet wrong.
  • Chafe much? If you could really do this I think your wang would burst into flames.

    Feb. 1:

  • Mmmm That WOULD make the olympics more interesting!
  • *Squee* Video game I wish existed.
  • Evil Would you play this if it were real?

    Jan. 24:

  • Evil behold the power of brilliant editing

    Jan. 21:

  • Will Smiths New Movie I see Oscar in his future.
  • Ouch KY for him and him.
  • So wrong But so funny! (warning F-bomb)

    Jan. 20:

  • Lunchbox I can't tell if this this offensive or uplifting and hilarious!
  • Fun game I'd so play this!

    Jan. 16:

  • Get back! get back you don't know me like that!

    Jan. 15:

  • Look out! Hentai waiting to happen.
  • Aww That's so sweet.
  • So wrong I can never play this game again.
  • WTF! Didn't see that ass whoopin' coming.