Enigma Boysluv - Yaoi Top 10's - 8 F#$ked Up Yaoi Scenes That You're Sure You're Going to Hell For Liking

As a yaoi fan, watching the clips below made me feel both repulsed and intrigued. Mainly conflicted...For all those who ever complained that yaoi is too tame and is all flowing, flower petals, hand holding and boys with heroin addict builds, here are 8 clips in order of OMG that will show even the most hard ass yaoi hater that there is a much darker side to it.

Yes, I'm aware that there are even more messed up yaoi clips out there (Enzai, Papa to Kiss in the Dark, Okane Ga Nai, Boku no Pico, Fish in a Trap and anything else involving minors) than what I've posted. But as a web mistress, I worry about quality control and am squicked out by pedophilia. I prefer to only show, no matter how profane, people over 18 doing...things. That being said...

8. IKOKU IROKOI ROMANTAN - Ranmanu is drugged and his finely sculpted ass is auctioned up to horny business men with too much money and not enough exotic play-things to play hide the salami with.

7. BOKU NO SEKUHARA - Junya and Honma get back at the asshole that's been blackmailing him with sex tapes in the 2nd OVA with a sexy revenge plot Orville Redenbaucher would not approve of.

6. SENSITIVE PORNOGRAPH - He thinks he's pet sitting but instead of a rabbit finds a tied-up and clearly abused, naked man in a closet. Like any good person, he calls the cops and gets him some clothes...

5. LEGEND OF THE BLUE WOLF - After repeated attempts to humiliate and seduce Tiberius, his fat bastard of a commanding officer frames him for being a spy / high treason and decides to punish him by giving him the double stuff.

4. DARK FUTURE - A yaoi clip smack dab in the middle of a non yaoi hentai is always cause for alarm. Here a pervy teacher makes her students 69 one another (amongst other things) while she watches.

3. SAMURAI FANTASY - Pretty much ever minute of this OVA is a sin against god and a new low as far as animation quality. So here's a particularly ridiculous clip.

2. HYAKUJITSU NO BARA (Maiden_Rose) - Captain Klaus partakes in his usual ritual of forcing himself on his commanding officer Taki who apparently is too 'embarrassed' to tell the authorities and was being a total cock tease. *sarcasm* So who else can't wait until the 2nd OVA is out?

1. TOKYO TRIBE 2 - An enormous freak of nature mob boss understandably has a hard time or is flat out bored of getting off on normal sized women. So being bisexual he calls his underlings to fetch him a fine bishie looking guy to mutilate with his elephant sized penis. According to 4chan Y forums, this clip was equal parts loved & loathed. Personally, I didn't sleep well afterwards. To make it less horrific, turn your volume all the way down.

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